Sunday, 29 November 2015


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I have a keen interest in Hollow Wire Lights, Lamps and systems from the early 20th Century.

Since my brief time as a collector, I've found it difficult to gather information of interest to me from a single source.  Not being a researcher with 40 years experience, it is tough enough to find information once let alone trying to find it a second or third time hidden away on various sites.

Creating this blog enables me to place information gathered by manufacturer and other various headings in the one place.

Hopefully I, and others, will be able to come to the blog and click on (for instance) Wizard Light Co. From there, once on the Wizard page, we can find lamps, lights, advertisements, other products, history etc under a heading of their own which enables us to locate the information.

I hope to find this a lot easier and quicker not having to sort through a lot of stuff I'm not looking for in that instance. 

I wish to make it quite clear I am not an expert on any of the subjects that I may list on this site. I do research and try to verify one source with another. 

Hopefully this blog doesn't remind you of wikipedia too much.


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  1. Hello Matty,was not aware that your site existed. For some reason, thought that you were only in the planning stages. Good work, wish you the best with the site. Thanks! Randall