My Hollow Wire Lights & Sundries.

 Nagel Chase

I thought I could show some of my not so large collection of Lights and lamps here. (Continuing to add photos as Time Permits)

If anyone has a lamp they would like to share, hollow wire or other pressure related, let me know by email and I'll put them up. Your photos will always be credited to you unless I am requested to not place such a credit.

I have two of these Nagel Chase.

The story goes they hung in a picture theatre in Victoria for 100 years or so before recently, 2015, being taken down.

These are the types of lights the Wizard Light Co would have been importing when they first began in 1912. They immediately began making modifications to suit Australian conditions. It wasn't long before they stopped importing and manufactured their own modified lamps from scratch.

Nagel Chase: Model 175 circa 1912 to 1917
Missing Globe

The Following photos are of the lights as I found them and various shots of the parts.

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